OCF – ONL 154 – Bluebell Lace Mandala

Onl 154 - Bluebell Mandala

This Mandala features delicate colors and shapes – Bluebells, the singers of Spring and early Summer in Englands forests ! You will receive a matching Alphabet for personalization too. We use lovely shades of cotton and silk, beads and crystals for a sparkling and elegant embroidery. Cross stitches and Special Stitches are mixed to achieve a rich and tactile look.

The mere design size is 189 x 189 stitches.

For this design an alternative center is available:

Onl 171 – The Bluebell Pond

Onl 171 - Bluebell Pond white Onl 171 - Bluebell Pond black

This design was a consolidation prize for the 2013 Raffle and not for sale then. You can purchase it now, to stitch as a stand-alone ornament or insert it into Onl 154 here as a center pond !


This is the way the larger Bluebell Mandala will look together with the small extra-center:

Onl 154 - Bluebell Lace Mandala _with_ pond center
Onl 154 – Bluebell Lace Mandala _with_ pond center

Please regard, that this small center motive is NOT included in this Onl 154 chart !




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2 Replies to “OCF – ONL 154 – Bluebell Lace Mandala

  1. Hi, Just wondering would the Bluebell Mandala be a good start for a beginner to intermediate stitcher.
    I have admired it for a long time and it’s always where my heart lights up when I go through them all. Each so beautiful.
    Thank you for your help and I wanted to say it is with your freebies I get the courage to even attempt a Mandala so thanks for making them available

    1. Hi Sherry Ann,
      thank you for your kind words and interest ! Yes, I think the Bluebell Mandala would be fine – do never forget it is just one stitch at a time ! If you give yourself time, you will proceed and some day finish ! Just start in the center and work your way outwards – and you c an see it grow !
      Enjoy, Martina

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