Happy News and a bit of Xmas in July
Someone reach us Icecream!
Writing to you I am hiding from the sun, keeping me and the cats as cool as possible. Iced coffee is m must-have right now and I seriously think about integrating the practice of "Siesta" into my daily routine ;)

Anyway, I have great news for you: There is a correction on The Châtelaine Christmas Mandala Mystery and also on The Big Mystery XX - A Versailles Mandala. I was somehow able to defeat the designing program and now all used materials appear in the key, the key equals with the symbols on the chart and the beads are also distinguishable. Aaaand: It is also reduced to 36.00€ now! 

If you already purchased one or both, just go to your account and check for the new file.

Having this corrected I will have a iced-beverage-party now and hope, you are as happy as I am :)

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