Châtelaine needs your help!

Dear Stitchers! Here at Châtelaine we are working on taking your stitcing experience forward. The first step in this process is to update the materials lists to be more accurate and to start to future proof them as things have been/are being discontinued, to create a resource list on the site for stitchers to refer to and to update the charts themselves in the future.

We need your help! You, the collective ‘hive mind’ has so much experience of these designs, you have come across errors or things that need changing as well as having heaps of advice for other members. So, we are asking if you could email us with any errors you have found or changes you have had to make so we can collect everything together to update things for the future. Perhaps you have more skeins of a colour than you needed or perhaps far less; did you have crystals left over even though you followed the pattern diligently, or didn’t have enough crystals as the materials list and the chart were different? Anything you feel needs to be brought to our attention. We have looked at other resources such as the information in the Châtelaine Gallery and in the files of this group so if you have found something else, then please email:

We really appreciate your help! Happy stitching!