ONL 208 – A Châtelaine Birth Sampler

I know that some have waited for this.. and here it is – a Birth Sampler to remember a very special day. Suitable for both – girls and boys, as the colorway is not put in the “usual” ways of pink and bleu…

Filled with many Special Stitches, beads, crystals and delicate scrolls – a full alphabet is provided with numbers so you can stitch any name and date you wish ! Over one – with your free choice of thread  — be it a velvety violet as pictured or a soft pastel. Depending on the background color the effect will be different !

The stork is “normal” x-stitch  so there is no  over-one except for the name & date area.


You can decide if you want to stitch this piece with the lacy border ( 143 x 143 stitches) or without ( 136 x 136)


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