Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Will you accept credit cards ?

Not at the moment, you can pay with your cc through Paypal, without actually having a PP account.

2.) Do you only accept Euro ?

Yes, I only accept payments in Euro.

3.) What happens after payment? How will I receive my charts ?

Right after payment you will see a clickable link to your download on the website ! AND you will recieve an email with the same clickable link in your mailbox.

We recommend strongly to download from the emailed link, and then save to target first. If you download from the site link after payment, the PDF will open right before your eyes in your Reader – and you might have problems to save it then on your HD.

You can downloadup to TWO times: on the link “on site” OR from your email within one week – if this does not work out for you, you need to write me to my email and we will generate a new link for you. No panic, you will for sure get your files !

4.) What about the forums ? I can not see them all !

Only after a first purchase you will be able to log in with your user name and password and then you will be able to see all forums and use them. This is to avoid spammers etc.

5.) If I do not like the chart after payment, can I give it back or sell it to somebody else ?

No. After download you can not give the chart back and be refunded. Nor are you allowed to sell the PDF or printouts or any kind of copies to a third party. This is what you sign prior to purchase and I expect that you respect my business rules.

6.) How do I learn about new designs ?

You can join the Chatelaine Facebook and look there, as I will frequently post and „feed“ stitchers with tidbits of new designs coming and you can read my Blog here on my website, which is always updated too. As well you are invited to read my newsletter.

7.) What do I need after the download?

You will need a free PDF software like Acrobat Reader or PDF24 to be able to see, enlarge and print your charts and files.

8.) The charts are so small, I can not see the symbols accurately.

You can enlarge to your liking with PDF readers, use the cut-out tool to mark a certain area and print this nearly as large as you prefer for easy stitching. More questions? Please visit my Facebook Support Group for help (files).

9.) Where can I find these materials ?

You can find materials for my designs at European Cross Stitch Company. They offer various kinds of kits or single items. Ask Cindy and Kathy, they will be happy to help !

10.) There are quite some of your designs which I can not find here ! Where are they, when can I purchase them?

These are designs which are currently “retired”. I will work throughout the year to make them all available as Old Class Files (OCF)

11.) What about this Newsletter?

Once you purchase my designs, you are subscribed to the Newsletter automatically. But of course – if you do not like to get these messages, you are able to unsubscribe yourself.

12.) What if I loose the design or it is destroyed on my PC ?

Please contact me if this happens with exactly the email you used for your account on my website. One year after your purchase the replacement file is free for you – after this time frame this offer has expired.Compare it with a lost book or magazin – you will have to purchase again. To avoid this I recommend to save your purchased files on a backup file or stick.

13.) How to create an account ?

Once you went through a purchase you are promted through the single steps of creating your personal account. The purchase can even be a Freebie! This is to avoid spammers etc.

14.) I purchased a printed b/w chart – can I get the col + bw PDF for free ?

No, I am sorry, you can’t. If you purchase a printed version, you must purchase the PDF version too if you find  that you prefer to have this one.

15.) I want to give a chart as a gift – how do I do this ?

If you want to give somebody a Châtelaine as a gift, you can contact me prior to the purchase, please. You will have to pay the fee to a different Paypal account, as it will not be able to process this through this website. Then I will need name and email of the recipient and send her/him an email with a voucher code, so the stitcher can retrieve her personal and stamped copy. This is the only way to do it, at the moment.

You can not purchase a chart and hand on the email with the link !