Châtelaine’s Black Friday

Dear Châtelainers,

I know you’ve been waiting for this: Black Friday at Châtlaine’s!

The whole weekend from Black Friday until Sunday (29th November until 1st December) you will have the opportunity to save 20% on all patterns at the Châtelaine Homepage!

Use the code “blackfriday2019” when you make your purchase and 20% will be deducted from the price. During the magical time of Châtelaine’s Black Weekend, you can use it as many times as you wish for all patterns and bundles!
So – update your wishlist and treat yourself!

Have a warm, fun, loving time with your dear ones <3

Châtelaines Autumn Raffle 2019

So, here is the chance for you get a small (or bigger) goodie for your own 
autumn-related indoor activities!

This is how it works: 

If you purchase one or several designs from the Châtelaine website in the time from 5th of September – 1 a.m. German time to 5th of October 12 p.m. German time, you will be in the drawing with your individual purchase number. Only paid purchases will take part in the raffle, which means Freebies or Vouchers don’t count for this.
If you want to purchase more designs and by this have more tickets in the raffle, you will need to purchase each one individually to take part the times you purchase. More numbers grant you more participation in the raffle. 

After October 5ththe winning numbers will be drawn by a generator and the winners will be contacted directly via mail. So make sure to add to your address book for the mail not to be lost in your spam folder! If the winning notification is not answered within one week, there will be a new draw for the price. 

So, what can be won?

1stprize: a Voucher for purchase from the Châtelaine Website for 100€!
2ndprize: a Voucher for purchase from the Châtelaine Website for 50€!
3rdprize: a Voucher for purchase from the Châtelaine Website for 25€!

The prize can only be spent in one, not split. The voucher you receive will be valid for one year from the day you receive it. The prizes cannot be given as real money/funds nor can they be handed down to somebody else.

Good luck!

Deletion of older purchases

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), from August on, all purchases older than a year will be deleted on a regular basis. 

This means they will be deleted from your account, too.

As you know, you have one week after purchase to download your file and to store it on a hard drive, cloud or media of your choice. For your record I highly recommend you download the invoices from your account and save the Purchase Confirmations you get via E-mail. 

In case you used your account to keep track of your owned and loved Châtelaines, I got you covered: I made a personalizable “Treasure List” for you to keep track of the Châtelaines you own or have finished. You can download it for free as a searchable PDF and a Word-Version to modify to your own preferences here.

Correction of Material Amounts

Dear stitchers, for some charts the needed material can be reduced. Thanks to the experience and kind help of Châtelaine-Stitchers you can check for your planned project. I will continuously add the information to the designs pages but please have a look here in case the information is not yet added. Also please keep in mind that the thread needed also depends on your stitching.

Check here.

If you also want to report different thread usage then in the Material List please send a mail to Châtelaine.

Release: “The Sweet Garden of Elizabeth I”!


You have waited so long: Finally, I can announce the release of “The Sweet Garden of Elizabeth I”!

Reading the description of the designer I do think that this design can be seen as not completely finished as the amount of bling is – for a Châtelaine design – still quite moderate. I can not guarantee the design to match the descriptions below in every part. Nevertheless, the preview matches the design, it is rich of details, special stitched and beads. And who knows – maybe you feel inspired to add even a bit more sparkle to your liking 

Please read:

This design comes without instructions for special stitches and backstitch. If you feel like needing a bit of help with this, please team up with your fellow-stitchers in the Châtelaine Support Group on Facebook. If you aren’t sure how a stitch is done, you can find lots of instructions on YouTube.

To make stitching through the rich range of symbols and stitches a bit easier, this design comes with some help, all included in the one file you get after purchase:

Version 1: All stitches in color, backstitch as complete lines, beads as colored dots

Suitable for general cross stitch, special stitches, and backstitch

Version 2: All stitches in b/w, backstitch as complete lines, beads as black dots

Suitable for general cross stitch if you prefer seeing colors as symbols

Version 3: All stitches in color, no backstitch, beads as colored symbols

Suitable for beading

Version 4: All stitches in b/w, no backstitch, beads as b/w symbols

Suitable for beading if you prefer seeing colors as symbols

Black Friday at Châtelaine’s

blackfridayFrom Friday, the 23rd of November until Saturday, the 24th of November (each midnight German time) you will have the chance to fill your bags with the designs you have had an eye one – and save 20 %!

Use the Code BlackFridayStitching2018 to redeem your discount. You can use it as often as you wish and either fill your bags once or come back when you decide there’s something more to add.

Send in your artwork


So many times I have seen you post your beautiful finishes on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. I would love to be able to show your pictures on the website and so it came to this:

Send in your artwork!

In this form, you can upload pictures of your finishes and we will put them on the design’s page – with your name credited and your personal story with the design shared if you wish. I am so so excited to see your pictures!

Bonus on ONL-OCF-042 The Hummingbird Lace Mandala

There is an update on The Hummingbird Lace Mandala! The first file you get contains the design as a workshop-version. But since the color elements are sometimes missing there, you get the design and key on one page, too. So you can decide from which document you want to stitch 🙂

If you already purchased the design you will find a new document in your account ready to download. Just click on The Hummingbird Lace Mandala in your shopping history and have a look 🙂