Correction on The Châtelaine Christmas Mandala Mystery

I have great news for you: There is a correction on The Châtelaine Christmas Mandala Mystery. I was somehow able to defeat the designing program and now all used materials appear in the key, the key equals with the symbols on the chart and the beads are also distinguishable. Yay!

And that’s not all, it is also reduced to 36.00€ now!

So if you already purchased this design just go to your account and download the new file 🙂

Souvenirs for you!

And here you go! While walking along the sandy beaches and putting after free-living monkeys I found some pretty discount-codes I thought I must bring back to you! So here is what I found:
Ape on Pool

A monkey crossed my way, pointed at me with his little fingers and muttered: “Who has got the coconut?” Afterward, we had a long chat about this issue and the end of the story is that we found out that by using the code “whohasgotthecoconut” you will receive a discount of 5 Euro! This code has no minimum purchase amount.

I also found a message in a bottle with a map to a long lost treasure. It said: “Turn left and fill your baskets, the more you collect the more you get. Then turn right, jump like a rabbit and tell nobody else.” Well, I assume the pirate writing this might have had his hands on a solid bottle of rum but nevertheless, I could find out that there is a discount hidden for you, according to the rules of the map staggered:
With a minimal purchase-amount of 50 Euro, you can save 5% on your whole purchase using “diamondsandpearls“.

With a minimal purchase-amount of 100 Euro, you can save 10%on your whole purchase using “goldandsilver“.

With a minimal purchase-amount of 150 Euro, you can save 15%on your whole purchase using “thepiratesheart“.

All these codes are valid from the 14th until the 21st of June (midnight German time). They are usable on all designs and can not be combined with other discounts. Enjoy!

Châtelaine is going on vacation

During May we will be on vacation – but don’t worry: Of course, you will be able to get help if needed:

We are on vacation
We are on vacation
  • For any technical issues (like problems downloading) please write to
    • For questions concerning material, stitches and general how-to’s just visit the Support Group on Facebook. If you aren’t a member yet please mind that you will have to answer a few brief questions before you are confirmed for the group – that’s how we make sure that only Châtelainers like you join 🙂

    Of course, you can mail me directly via but please patient when you’re waiting for an answer during May there.

Châtelaine is on Instagram now!

Châtelaine is on Instagram now!Did you already hear the joyful news? Looking for @chatelainedesign you can follow and catch an eye on the beautiful stitching the Châtelainers are doing!

Do you want your photo to be featured? Use the hashtag #chatelainestitching and keep an eye on your messages, I will always ask you before sharing your photos!

Valentine’s Piggybank Sale

Just as promised, here comes the code for the Valentine’s Piggybank!

Please remember: It is valid from the 12th to the 18th of February (each day from/till midnight German time) and saves you 20% on your whole purchase (minimal purchase amount 15€). Have fun!

Code: bemyvalentine2018