Send your artwork

Dear Châtelainers,

Here you can send in your artwork! If you have finished a design, you can share your pictures here to see them appear as examples/previews of this particular design in the shop. Of course, your name will be mentioned.

Terms and conditions

The sender agrees that the submitted images may be used, edited, distributed and published for any purpose whatsoever in relation to content, time and space.

The consent also includes, in particular, the use of the photographs for advertising purposes on the Internet, in print and digital media and at events. The transfer of the material to external media partners and the duplication, distribution and publication on DVD / CD or other digital storage or image / image media is permitted. This includes any necessary or desired preparation (eg conversion of recordings), compilation with other material or other processing. is not obliged to use the recordings.

For photos and videos, which the transmitter has made itself, mentions them in their publications, as far as the industry and layout specifications permit, as an author.

The sender guarantees to be able to dispose of the granted rights and represents against all claims of third parties in connection with a claimed infringement.

The sender is aware that digital images, videos and audio files can be copied from the internet, otherwise used or altered without being aware of or having any influence on it.

The sender gives this declaration voluntarily.

The sender declares that he is entitled to do so.