OCF – CHAT 034 – ONL 001 – Violet Basket and Stitcher’s Toys

chat 034 - Korb 1This was one of the first projects with “Toys” — as I was always drawn to these little doo-dads, playful small items you do not really need, but want!

chat 034-Nan Violets-1chat 034 -Basket band

chat 034 IMG_0884

With these files, you now can stitch your own Nantucket basket top and banding together with the lovely smalls to tuck inside! The design was made to fit on top of such a pretty basket, but I am sure you can adjust it to any “base” with a little bit of calculation.

You will stitch mostly cross stitch, a few Special Stitches, with diverse threads and braids, beads, and sew-on sparklies and treasures.

Check the Materials here.

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