These designs have all been “Mysteries” : online classes, in which nobody know what the theme was, or  how it looked.

What I made public was only a little teaser, a stamp-sized picture (later) and the materials list.Then , month-by-month, small bits and parts have been published to finally create the full-sized design.

The first Châtelaine Mystery was published and stitched in 2001 … and one large did follow each year until 2015.

Later these ex-Mysteries have been published in full visibility – there are 18 til today (2016). If there is enough interest some day, I may again create one or more – and publishe them in bits and pieces as a big surprise….

OCF – CHAT 063 – Mini G – Saphire

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OCF – CHAT 064 – Mini H – Amethyst

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