Bundle: 4 early Mysteries – Spring Morning, Summer Afternoon, Autumn Dusk + Winter’s Eve

Bundle Myst 1-4

These four designs were early Mysteries, later republished and printed – and now they are back here on my website in PDFs.

You can of course stitch each single –  pick out the one you love most – but you can as well use them as seasonal embroidery – be it in 4 band samplers, with hardware on top – or 4 designs side-by-side on one large piece of fabric.

You can also get all four designs in a bundle and save 20% compared to purchasing the designs individually!

OCF – CHAT 020 – Myst I – Summer Afternoon
OCF – CHAT 025 – Myst III – Winter’s Eve
OCF – CHAT 036 – Myst V – Spring Morning
OCF – CHAT 041 – Myst  VII – Autumn Dusk

For the Material List please look at the single designs pages.



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