OCF – CHAT 041 – MYST VII – Autumn Dusk

chat 041 black CHAT 041 Autumn Dusk










The third band sampler, in seasonal moods – which was a Mystery back then in 2003. You will love the detail and the tiny and cute  motives ( squirrels, hedehog)

Various Special Stitches, all well explained with diagrams, the use of a variation of threads and braids, diverse beads and sew-on treasures – all this makes the stitching of this piece very entertaining.

M VII detail 1 M VII detail 2








You can finish it as a band sampler or stitch it on a free piece of fabric to be framed.

The mere design size is 82 x 318 stitches

Materials List: materials chat 041

If you like this one, it may be that you like the other siblings too — there are three more to the series of Seasons’ Bandsamplers – look here and click on the picture to come directly to the “Bundle” page

Bundle Myst 1-4



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