FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Purchases & Downloads

Please save the file to a PC or Mac. I do not recommend saving the file directly (and only) to a tablet or phone as you may have problems with the saving capabilities or could lose the file. If you have it on your PC or Mac, you can copy it to the device of your choice/put it in your cloud/mail it to yourself… while keeping a backup save.

You will need a program to view/enlarge/mark the PDF while stitching on it. There is a lot of freeware out there, just choose what works for your preferences and needs best – the file you receive is a regular PDF and can be opened with any common program.

First: Please make sure you used the correct E-Mail Address. Really. The weirdest things can happen typing.

Second please check your Spam folder for your Purchase Receipt.

If you still can’t find it please log in to your account. If the payment worked you will find your purchase listed there. You can download the design from your account directly.

By 2021 there are no more expiration dates or download limits to your purchase. You can re-download them whenever you need them.

If you still should have problems with a download or it is not listed in your account, send me an email with your purchase receipt and we will find a solution.

Make sure to always download your file to a stationary device first. From there, you can copy it to every place you like.

Is your Adobe reader updated? If it does not work, try another free reader of your choice – this can help especially (but not only) for MAC users.

Also, try using a different browser for downloading, for unknown reasons some browsers can cause this problem.

Did you download with a weak internet connection? This may cause the file to be damaged, try again with stronger internet (if you reached your download limit, let me know).

Still no solution in sight? Please write me an email.

Your digital file can be enlarged up to 600% with the zoom feature.

If you plan to stitch from your device or computer screen, you should have no difficulty using the enlarging tools in your software or app. A large number of stitchers do stitch directly from their mobile device or tablet, and many use the highlighting functions within the app as they stitch.

If you prefer to print your working copy from the PDF, you can use the “Snapshot” feature in the free Adobe Reader to mark an area you want to print.

Once you’ve selected the area to print, check the box in the print menu to print the selected graphics and fit them to the page.

You may need to experiment with the print preview to identify whether portrait or landscape orientation is best. You can continue to do this in as many pieces as you need to print your chart. Do be sure to note where you have printed overlapping areas.

Note that this method will not necessarily result in areas that are all the same size and could be taped together for stitching as one large chart.

Sort of. On my website, I only accept PayPal. But if you don't have or don't want a PayPal account (which can be linked to your credit card) you can choose to pay as a "Guest" using PayPal. This way, you can just use your regular Credit Card and don't need a PayPal account.

You are responsible for saving your download in one (or better several) safe places. The same applies to your proof of purchase (invoice). There is no right to restore purchases.

Goodwill: If you still lost your design you can forward me your invoice or for very old purchases the email that confirms your purchase, I will be happy to help. Other documents cannot be accepted for fairness reasons.

Stitching & Material

You can either download the material list from the designs page and kit up yourself or you can purchase a material kit. On this website, only PDF charts are sold.

We've gathered the information for you about where to buy materials worldwide. Have a look: International Châtelaine Suppliers


Please have a look at the errata list: Issues and little errors found in designs are listed here so you can hopefully find the answer you are looking for.

Since I am not a stitcher myself, the help I can provide on this is under some limitations. In this case, I would like to recommend you to go to the Support Group on Facebook where you sure will get the help you need. If you aren’t a member yet please make sure to answer the mandatory questions when you join. This way we avoid spam and make sure only Châtlainers like you join.

I also highly recommend a visit to the wonderful page Châtelaine Gallery – you find there lots of knowledge and inspiration!

Sure, either this feature is activated on the designs page or for a more detailed preview you can visit Danas Fabric Viewer!


No worries! All existing Materials Lists can be downloaded from Châtelaine's Google Drive here.

We're continuing to update Material Lists, so check here, if the list you're looking for maybe has an update.

Over the long run, we'll combine both resources but for now, it's more handy like this for us all  🙂

No worries! With the wonderful help by Jay Hooper of Dizzy & Creative, we started adding additional help for stitchers if you find the diagrams in your chart too hard to understand. Just check out the resources!