Updated Material Lists

Here you find a list of updated material lists.

These lists are possibly never “final” but are revisited most carefully and will be updated regularly.

The updates mainly consist of corrections of amounts needed, suggestions for discontinued materials, and readability. We will continue to add more designs to this list so if your current design isn’t listed, just check in again.

The amounts given are based more on the lower end of the spectrum, even if a small buffer is of course included. At the end of the day, the recommended quantities are how much you need based on your embroidery habits, you know better than anyone.

If you should come across something or want to contribute to these lists, have found an error, or have a useful tip – please reach out to updatechatelaine@gmail.com. Your help is so appreciated!

For full transparency, you can check the latest version of the Overview on what materials have increased and what materials have decreased. It will be updated about twice a month.

Looking for a special list? Just use your browser search!

Last Update: 2021/09/15

CHAT043Evening in the Park
CHAT045Alpine Garden Mandala
CHAT047Medieval Town Mandala
Mystery XIV (14)Swan Lake Mandala
MysteryXV (15) Deep Blue Sea Mandala
ONL005AAlpine Garden Mandala – Outlander Edition
ONL022Holland Springtime Mandala
ONL030Desert Mandala
ONL042Hummingbird Lace Mandala
ONL055Winter Watergarden Mandala
ONL062Chinese Garden Mandala
ONL072Herbularius Garden Mandala
ONL079Butterfly Lace Mandala
ONL092Serengeti Mandala
ONL104Polar Mandala
ONL107Hydrangea Autumn Fog Mandala
ONL115Dragonfly Lace Mandala
ONL121Pomarium Mandala
ONL122Sparkling Peacock Mandala
ONL123 Japanese Zen Moss Garden
ONL147London Gardens Mandala
ONL155Tinctorium Garden Mandala
ONL158Scotland Mandala
ONL160 Mushroom Fern Mandala
ONL166Rosarium Mandala
ONL177 Poison Garden Mandala
ONL180 Blue Moroccan Lace Mandala
ONL205 A-Mazing Marie-Antoinette Rose Garden
ONL209 The A-Mazing Earth to Universe Caleidoscope
ONL210 Sweet Garden of Elizabeth I
Big Mystery XIX (19)Desert Night Tent Mandala
…to be continued