OCF – CHAT 074 – Mini Mystery L – Castles 04

CHAT 074 - Mini Myst K Castle 4 white

This is No 4 of a series of 4 pretty small castles.

Each does have it’s own small Mandala Garden plus some extra ornaments and decorative frames.

You can stitch them single, on a band sampler style linen banding – or all together on one larger piece of linen.

Cross stitches are combined with Special Stitches – you will use silks and variegated threads, metallic braids, beads and crystals to create a piece of embroidery with different textures and dimensions.

You will recieve this design in 3 parts just as it was published as online class back then.

The mere design stitch count is 44 x 176 stitches.

Materials List: Materials 074 MM L

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