OCF – ONL 081 – Medieval Costumes 1 – Houppelande

Onl 081 black Onl 081 variation

This is a typical medieval garment for women in the time of medieval ages. It could be worn very plain, in a solid colored linen – like everyday wear for a town-living woman – it could be made from very rich and embroidered fabris, with gold threads and real pearls…

You can recreate this beautiful dress now in stitches – and choose wether the face of the lady will stay solid grey to put the emphasis on the garment only, as if it were a mannequin – or you stitch the lovely and detailed over-one face to give her a personality.

A beautiful and ornate frame makes this picture special. Using a variety of different threads, beads and crystals will give texture and fun whilst stitching !

The mere stitch size is 142 x 187 stitches

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