OCF – ONL 144 – The Old World Vinery Mandala

Onl 144 black

This Mandala features the vineyards in the so-called “Old World” – European landscapes dedicated to the growths of vines and the production of beautiful and tasty wine ! My inspiration was the Moselle area, where gentle hills frame the river, and on top of most hills you will find castles from olden times – some are still fully in order – others are only remnants and ruins…

Onl 144 - detail

You will stitch beautiful beaded grape clusters, panels of a wonderful landscape  surrounding a dreamy pond center with lots of special stitches, beads, crystals and scrolling vines…..We use a variation of silks and cottons, solid and variegated as well as metallic threads and wonderful shimmering Delica Beads.

The mere design size  is 375 x 375 stitches.

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