OCF – CHAT 037 – Mystic Meadow Box ( The Unicorn Toys )

CHAT 037 realThis dreamy piece is a fairytale come true – a beautiful Unicorn inmidst a meadow full of flowers !

Lots of beads and Special Stitches make it a lovely and entertaining embroidery – and have tactile interest later,

once it is finished.

There is the box top design and the banding for the bottom part – and designs for a needlebook, a pincushion

and a scissors’ sheath.

CHAT 037 bleu

You purchase  the design only – all finishing is up to you.


Materials List: chat037materials


Instructions for exactly this finishing can be bought from Judy Odell – or you can just take the main

theme, the box top – and finish it for a cushion, framed picture or insert in a readily bought box.


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