Onl 173 – The Ripe Berry Stitching Toys


Onl 173 2 Onl 173 1This pretty set of “toys” can be stitched and sewn and and personalized to your own taste. Use the crystals you have at hands, sew on genuine Pearls from a broken necklace – use an antique button as head of the tassle – there are many options to make this as pretty as YOU like !

Mostly cross stitch you will stitch a few Special Stitches, use normal cotton threads as well as hand-dyed,variegated Silks, braids, beads and crystals. I am sure you will have some pretty lining fabric at hands… be it silk or cotton.

Materials List:Onl 173-Mat List

Pictures of the then-workshop-model are enclosed in your download for finishing help and ideas – but you will see that you can easily do your own. As  this was a class piece in 2004, the materials from then are not longer available and heave been substituted by commercially available threads etc.

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