SD 004 – Insert ONL 157 – Rainforest Mand. – The Monkey

Onl 157 freebie

This cutie can be stitched all of it’s own as a pretty little design with a jungle feel… Many nice Special Stitches give you a taste of “Châtelaine” on a small project.

Threads used are the same as in the main Design ONL 157 – “The Rainforest Mandala” !

The stitchers of this larger design can use the little monkey – minus the ornamental border ! – as an insert in place of the right upper side snake…..

This was once a “freebie”, but is momentary retired.

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9 Replies to “SD 004 – Insert ONL 157 – Rainforest Mand. – The Monkey

  1. He is such a cute fella!! He reminds me that I am a little monkey!! All the shelves are soo high here, I climb almost everyday!
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  2. I love this little monkey and would love to stitch him!
    I am a huge fan of all your designs and have almost all of the ones available to me in paper form. If the others were available that way, I would have them, as well! I am working on The Knotgarden right now and I love it! I am a member of several Chatelaine Facebook groups, and love seeing everyone’s beautiful stitching!

    Keep up the great work!

    Kindest regards,
    Shaleen Freeman

    1. Shaleen, the good thing with the PDF formate of my designs is, that you can print them on paper in any enlargement you need. Which can make it much easier to the eye for those who need it.
      Enjoy the Freebies !
      kind regards, Martina

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