OCF – CHAT 030 – Mini C – Freesias Band Sampler


chat 030blackchat 030 realA small project, suitable for beginners too – easy to stitch, but with a “wow”-effect! No.3 in a series of 4 flower-themed band samplers.

You will use cross stitch and Special Stitches, all arranged in the ways of a Band Sampler – this one with a theme of Freesias! Various threads, beads, and sew-on treasures will make this piece dimensional and interesting to stitch.

The mere design size is 41 x 141 stitches – so it is suitable for ready-made linen banding as well as for evenweave fabric to your choice.

Materials List: chat030material


If you like you can purchase ALL of these four bellpulls as a “Bundle” – with a more than 20% discount on the single prices.

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