OCF – ONL 053 – The Konstantinople Hamam Mandala

Onl 053 white

Dreaming of a wonderfully tiled Hammam bath ? Orient-style, with bright blues and turquoises – highlighted with golds ? The true place of leisure for the Odalisques ? Now you can stitch your  dream!

Konstantinople (nowadays Istanbul) was known widely for it’s luxurious houses of bath and beauty – where men and women could bath – at different times, of course !

ONL 053 detail 1

This piece incorporates many delicious threads and materials and many beads and crystals. You will use a variety of Special Stitches, all well explained with PDF diagrams you can enlarge to your own needs.

The mere design size is 365 x 365 stitches.

Onl 053 both Onl 053 detail 3 Onl 053 detail 2

With this design you receive a detailed over-one pictures of a bathing Odalisque after a painting of Ingrès – if you do not like to stitch that tiny stitches, there is an option for an easier normal cross stitch ornamental center. Please look at the detail cut-outs for a feeling which intricate embroidery you can work here !

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