OCF – ONL 135 – Small Spices 2 – Zingiber off. (Ginger)


Onl 135 whiteThis is something small but pretty ! to stitch…. The second of a series of small spices – Ginger – framed in an ornate frame with lots of Special Stitches, beads and sparklies.

You will enjoy the smaller project- which is nonetheless intricate and worth the time you invest.

The mere stitch count of this design is 97 x 97 stitches.

Materials List: Onl 135 Materials List

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3 Replies to “OCF – ONL 135 – Small Spices 2 – Zingiber off. (Ginger)

  1. I remember a comment on Facebook(?) from ages ago that you had others, such as Star Anise “in the works”. Still coming, or is this series finished? I have these 2 and would LOVE more, especially as these are small(er) patterns. I know you have so many designs being juggled right now, but we always wish for more, right? 🙂

  2. Hopefully these will be appreciated more by others! I’ve already bought the pepper one and am getting ready to get the second. My daughter just graduated high school and is going to culinary school. I plan on stitching these (and any that come after) to give her as gifts. Maybe some WIP pictures will help get folks interested!

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