OCF – ONL 095 – Anniversary Sleeping Beauty Mandala – “Dornröschen”

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty and the ever-growing hedge of Roses I made up this design, again in a Mandala Shape for my Anniversary in 2012 – celebrating 15 years of being “Châtelaine”…

Onl 095 black

You can see (and stitch!) this hedge of roses, growing from one side to the other, until the entire castle is covered with the scrolling vines.

Onl 095 detail 1 Onl 095 detail 2

Lots of beads and crystals, different threads and besides cross stitch a lot of Special Stitches make this embroidery entertaining.

The size is 332 x 326 stitches, you can check the Materials here.



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2 Replies to “OCF – ONL 095 – Anniversary Sleeping Beauty Mandala – “Dornröschen”

  1. I have discovered sleeping beauty castle from another web site which led me to the chatelaine website and then led me hear. I have completely fallen in love with these patterns especially the sleeping beauty castle and am very interested in purchasing the pattern foe it, could you please tell me the cost in american money and how to purchase others. thank you very much. Kim

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