OCF – CHAT 050 – Midi 1 – Medieval Herb Garden

Chat 050 med herb whiteIn its online time, this was the first of the Midi Designs – between the tiny ones, and the huge! This gives as much detail, intricacy, and lovely small extras as the big one, with the effect, that it is not as…..big!

You will stitch cross stitch, lots of Special Stitches, Backstitching – use floss and silks, metallics and beads and such – for a beautiful, dimensional embroidery of a medieval herb garden – together with the gentle gardener doing her work…..

This design’s mere stitch count is 177 x 168 stitches

Check the Material List here.

If you love all FOUR of these medium-sized gardens, you might wish to purchase a “Bundle” of all FOUR designs – with a discount of more than 20% from the single purchase prices.

Bundle Midi Gardens

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