OCF – CHAT 070 – A Star in the Desert – Xmas Mystery II

OF Chat 070 Desert Xmas white

This was a Mystery in 12 parts back then….You can now stitch this seasonal design in the same parts as the class was. One bite per month 🙂

Darling cherubs ( with the option to stitch them with “shirts on” ) with swags of roses – beautiful and sparkling crystals and snowflakes – pale and twinkling fir trees….and two main ornamental pictures – one depicting the sparkling star and the other the shepherd in the desert…

All the magic of the Holy Night in one sampler style embroidery. Parts of this design can well be stitched individually to create greeting cards or small gifts…

The mere design size is: 199 x 308 stitches

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2 Replies to “OCF – CHAT 070 – A Star in the Desert – Xmas Mystery II

  1. I would LOVE to stitch this design! It’s so much more Christmas than “Jingle Bells”. I mean Christmas gets so diluted with commercialism. I work part time at a craft store and we have had Christmas items in the store since July and they are already on sale! But this design speaks genuine Christmas to me, great peace, great wonder and JOY!! Thank you!!

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