OCF – ONL 006 – The Strawberry Basket Stitching Toys

Onl 006 - Strawberry white Onl 006 - Strawberry black

Now this has not been republished and been available for yeeeaars…. and here it is again.

This is a set of motives and small ornaments which are meant to adorn the top of the lid of a Shaker Box, or an other oval shaped box. You can sew a pouch   with a flap cover to store your stitching items, a pin cushion, a scissors fob and quite some other items. You re.ceive patterns for a small and a broader border which can be used to embellish towels or place mats. The use of this set is endless – I am sure your imagination will come up with your own ideas to use it !

You will use cotton and silk threads, beads and besides cross stitch you can dabble with Hardanger and Special Stitches, all well explained by diagrams.

I apologize that I have not (yet) a picture of the readily finished items – I have the stitched pieces here 🙂 but … well… not found time to finish them. I promise to do better.



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