OCF – ONL 003 – CHAT 039 – The Taj Mahal Mandala

by Katya Radenkov on 30 count linen, self-dyed. “This was my first design Chatelaine”

Indias most beautiful building was the inspiration for this design. All the intricate and delicate ornaments, flowers from cut half-precious stones used as inlay in stone columns… richly adorned portals …. and all in subtle and delicate harmonies of colors and shades.

You can stitch your piece of Taj Mahal now, the mere design size is 265 x 265 stitches.

You will use cotton and silk threads, variegated and solid, metallic braids and glass beads…

Beautiful Special Stitches are added to the cross stitching for texture and dimension.



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8 Replies to “OCF – ONL 003 – CHAT 039 – The Taj Mahal Mandala

    1. Hi Kimberly, I answered you in personal email as well.
      You purchased the Beaded Scarab only on August 22. You should have gotten an email
      with link included for your personalized download.

      I can not tell you anything about your order from ECC – ask Cindy or Kathy for this.


  1. Hi Ms. Rosenberg. I was wondering if I could have your opinion about a fabric color. I like the light background that you have chosen but I am considering something darker in the purpley blue range to give the effect of night. What is your feeling about this given some of the details of this piece?

    1. Hi Christina, it is all a matter of the personal taste. I myself would rather choose black to offset the pastel colors, but I think Ihave already seen this design on something like a medium ink blue. If you do a search in the FB Support Group, you might be happy and it will come up !
      Other then this – just do a floss toss on your favorite colors and decide from the heart.

  2. Ela, is there any other place where you put the colours of fabric like you have in several other designs? It is a beautiful design and would like to see it with other combinations. Thank you 🙂

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