OCF – ONL 114 – Old Consolidation Prizes

Onl 114 old cons black

This is a collection of those small designs, which were formerly given as a consolidation prizes at various Raffles by Châtelaine. You receive them in the same way they were published – there is no materials list, except the key on the chart, which should be sufficient though.

Each of this little designs has a lot of intricate details – you will surely enjoy stitching it !


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5 Replies to “OCF – ONL 114 – Old Consolidation Prizes

    1. Hallo, thank you so much for your kind words ! You can put the design into the shopping cart – and go to checkout and pay with Paypal. Then you will receive an email with a clickable link for download ( best on a PC – not on phone etc.)
      kind regards, Martina

  1. Hello, Martina! Thank you for your great designs ! I decided to start with this one, asked Cindy to calculate the price for full kit to stitch it, but she replied that she doesn’t have materials lists for those 5 designs. Do I have to choose another design or somebody can help me? Perhaps, I need to buy patterns first, and you’ll send me materials list? I’m sorry for these questions, I’m beginner 🙂 Thank you!

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