OCF – ONL 121 – “Pomarium Mandala”

Choose the color of your fabric

Please note that this are not genuine fabric colors of any manufactuer. The colors have been hand-chosen by me, as they represent an array of colors which act as a decent, though emphasizing background for my intricate design. I strongly recommend to avoid any bold colored and/or mottled so-called "hand dyed" fabrics. Your months-long work on details and specialitles will be lost in any agitated background.

This design features the “POMARIUM” – which means: FRUIT GARDEN.

It is a sibling to the previous “HERBULARIUM” which depicted herbs and small plants used in medieval times.

This is a “large” Mandala again: 333 x 333 stitches –same size as the Herbularium, so you can hang them side by side…..!

Pictured are fruit trees and bushes and low plants like Strawberries, Blueberries, etc. The layout is comparable to the Herbularius, but very different as well.

The color scheme is here more into the teals and blues and there will be many intricate and tiny details. A very small amount of “over one” is included as well as many Special Stitches, Combinations, beads, and crystals….

Materials: Onl 121 Materials List

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