ONL 159 – Filigree Mandala 3 “Spring”










This is the third in the series of filigree embroideries in a Mandala shape. This time it is “SPRING” – you see delicately colored bulb flowers, first singing birds and tender grasses and fern sprouts.

All are worked in silks and cottos of sweet and powdery shades.
The stitchery will be embellished with sparkling beads a

nd a few scattered crystals to add interest and dimension.

Tactile pleasure is provided not only by the  use of silks and braids but as well by Special Stitches, all well explained in diagrams, which can be enlargened as the PDF chart.

The mere design size of this piece is 177x 177 stitches.

Materials List: Onl 159 -Mat List

The two precedent designs of this series (Autumn + Winter) will soon be availale as “Old Class Files PDF” from this website too….

Kits of the materials can be purchased at ECC

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