ONL 183 – The Splendids – Green No 2

183 - Greens light










The 4th design in a new series of rich and “splendid” patterns. I was inspired by antique silk brocade fabrics – the richness of color, the use of metallic threads, interwoven with the silks, the dimension of different weaving techniques – all this I tried to capture for this first one. I plan on having two design for each color – one dark, one lighter.

There will come more, like red and purple and ….. we will see.

Here you can feed your inner queen with a glorious use of hand -dyed threads and metallics, diverse beads and Swarovski crystals.

The Special Stitches which are used besides the normal cross stitch give a nice texture and showcase wonderfully the

flow of color of the variegated threads .


The mere design size is 119 x 183 stitches.

Materials List: ONL 183 Splen Green mat list


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