ONL 182 – The Splendids – Green No 1

Onl 182 Splen Green white 1 Onl 182 Splen Green 1










The 3rd design in a new series of rich and “splendid” patterns. I was inspired by antique silk brocade fabrics – the richness of color, the use of metallic threads, interwoven with the silks, the dimension of different weaving techniques – all this I tried to capture for this first one. I plan on having two design for each color – one dark, one lighter.

There will come more, like red and purple and ….. we will see.

Here you can feed your inner queen with a glorious use of hand -dyed threads and metallics, diverse beads and Swarovski crystals.

The Special Stitches which are used besides the normal cross stitch give a nice texture and showcase wonderfully the

flow of color of the variegated threads .


The mere design size is 119 x 183 stitches.

Materials List: ONL 182 Splen Green mat list

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3 Replies to “ONL 182 – The Splendids – Green No 1

  1. I have tried for over two hours to find the crystals and some threads required in this pattern. For example: Dinky Dyes 263 (Irish Meadow) does not even exist in Dinky Dyes catalogue. Delica Bugle 3mm bugle doesn’t seem to be a Delica, but a Myuki (and it’s very expensive). I haven’t yet checked all the Swarovski crystals but given past experience with your patterns there will be one that is no longer available (and, as an aside, I do like your designs). Sorry to have to write this, but the time and energy devoted to finding material should not have such results.

    1. As written in my FAQ you can order materials packs at ECC – be it threads only or crystals only or a mix of both.
      Other then this you will find all materials online by doing a Google search.
      It is not my fault that the Dinky Dyes colors are still not available – the colors were chosen and ordered in early Summer 2016 and due to certain circumstances the company DD was not able to dye and sell these colors yet.
      If you want designs with materials you can purchase in each Walmart, you will have to look there. It is my speciality to use many different threads and beads and combine them with intricate designs.

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