Bundle – ONL 172 – A + B – both versions

both 172 grey

And here for the stitchers, you are torn between the two versions – and think they need both…

a Bundle with two versions for a very reduced price – you save about 30% compared with single purchase.

You receive both  designs – with ballgown and medaillion (A) and with Tartan attire (B)

With all the movies and books on history, happenings and lovers in Scotland I was inspired to create this tapestry-like, tartan-bordered design. One version shows the Lady in 18th century rustic Tartan dress with wollen wrap. Lots of special stitches and beads give the dimensional effect to her wrap and woven skirt – the man is dressed  in breeches, a tartan throw …

The other version gives her a rich brocade, 18th century style ballgown… and a medaillion in the sky to personalize as a special gift, anniversary memory, wedding sampler….

You can choose between a “young” and “old” face for him ( with beard or without)

Both stand aside a Rowan tree, in front of the stones of Craig na Dun…..which are only slightly visible through the foggy air.

If you choose to stitch the wording you can leave out one set of thistles in the  bottom frame – it is “over one” for detail and crispness. If you rather only stitch initials and/or dates – an alphabet is provided.

The mere single design size is 146 x 186 stitches



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