OCF – CHAT 071 – Quilt Designs – The Rose Quilt

CHAT 071 black










This one is an “all-in-one” package :

You receive 16 individual designs – small, but intricate.

Each can be stitched with the ornate frame – or just “plain”.

For box-tops etc. As greeting card. A fob…

CHAT 071 rose CHAT 071 körb







You can sort them horizontally or vertically in rows of 4 and work kind of a bellpull etc.

You can stitch them all together on one piece of fabric for an impressive work of embroidery with a

celtic background, which can be personalized by the added alphabet….

CHAT 071 butter CHAT 071orn








Or – and this was the basic idea, you can use each ready stitched small design, surround it with patchworked fabric pieces,

in Log-Cabin style or other – and sew a beautiful heirloom piece – a Quilt !

Whatever you choose to do, you will surely enjoy the variety of topics, stitches, threads and embellishments.

Beautiful threads are used and besides cross stitch you will work well-explained Special Stitches !


Please keep in mind that you purchase 16 !! single and carefully designed motifs – compare with other designs on the market, and you will find a price of 4,60 Euro per piece fair, I hope 🙂  There are endless possibilities to make use of this cornucopia of smaller designs !


Materials List: Rose Quilt Designs Materials

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