OCF – Mystery XV – Deep Blue Sea Mandala – 2012

Here you can dive into your threads and fabrics and recreate the richly colored worlds under the Seas… this former Mystery XV features many detailed and intricate features of underwater life!

Myst 15 2012 Deep Blue Sea Myst 15 detail 2 Myst 15 detail 1

Stitched with a huge variety of different threads, beads, and crystals, this embroidery is sure to entertain you whilst the stitching process!

The mere design size is 327 x 327 stitches. You can check the materials here.


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2 Replies to “OCF – Mystery XV – Deep Blue Sea Mandala – 2012

  1. I would like do that to give my neiece who lives in New Caledonia .
    It is not easy to order. My english is far from me .
    Your mother mas a great artist. It will be the seventh I do
    Thank you

  2. Does anyone know what fabric was used in the large picture – the one with the blues & greens & pinks. I think it is PERFECT but cannot find it anywhere.

    Yes, linen
    Yes, opalescent

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