OCF – ONL 030 – The Desert Mandala

Here you can stitch a collection of impressive pictures of desert landscapes animals and flora. Typical colors of the South-West together with stylisized patterns of Native Americans give a warm and “desert-y” feeling. Beautiful shades in silk, variegated and solid with other interesting threads, beads, crystals – all is used to create this stitched piece of a wonderful landscape.

Cross stitch is the base – embellished with Special Stitches, all well explained by Diagrams – Backstitching emphasizes and adds detail with patterns of Blackwork..


The mere design size of this piece is 316 x 316 stitches

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      1. Thanks – I have been looking through their site and see she works out of a house 4 and half hours from me in Henderson, NV. Have you or has anyone done their work on other fabric? What is recommended?

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