OCF – ONL 046 – The Marie Antoinette Mandala

Onl 046 - Marie Antoinette turk Onl 46-Antoinette black

With this Mandala you can stitch a touch of Marie Antoinette – elegant fans, playful slippers…. charming hats.

Onl 046 detail 1

Delicate Roses in her preffered hues adorn the corners. Tiny bows and garlands give this particular charming touch of the times…You stitch strings of “Pearls” in Special Stitches and add filigree ornaments and scrolls in a very “Versailles” manner !

Beautiful silks and cottons, flosses and braids are used togther with beads and crystals to give the royal touch to this design !

The mere design size is 321 x321 stitches.

This old class file comes in 12 parts, so you can stitch in small bits and portions and finish one section first until you go on.

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