OCF – ONL 064 – 067 – The Seasons of a Brook ( 4 Seasons in one design)







This is the republication of the former class files. The four seasons can be stitched in a horizontal band sampler style, surrounded by one large frame – or they can be done individually. Each in it’s own little decorative frame.










You decide !

You will use a broad array of fibers and threads, beads and stitches. All will be explained step by step in the 4 parts of instructions which have colored diagrams as well, so you can follow the Special Stitches from “leg to leg”.

An “over one” collection of words is supplied – you choose if you like it with or rather without the words…

The size of the large piece with all 4 seasons together is 521 x 123 stitches.

ONE individual season in it’s own frame has the size of 191 x 123 stitches.


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Materials Brook Seasons complete

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