OCF – ONL 071 – Autumn Knotgarden Mandala

Onl 071 Autumn Knot blackOnl 071 Autum Knot white

This is one out of a series of 4 Knotgardens – each featuring a special Season of the year with the typical colors, plants and other elements which emphazise the “seasonal” flair. You will use beads and sparklies for highlights and beautiful silks, cottons and other materials’ threads for interesting stitching of cross- and Special Stitches.

Elements of Blackwork give a delicate, lace-like appearance.

The mere design size is 235 x235 stitches


There are three companion pieces available:


Spring Knotgarden

ONL 061 white

Summer Knotgarden

Onl 041 Summer Knot white

Frosty Knotgarden

OCF 035 black

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