OCF – ONL 127 – “The Tahiti Mandala”

Stitch a trip in the South Seas for yourself !

ONL 127 white.jpg

Here you see a Mandala with the theme of the islands ofTahiti:
It’s flowers and seascapes, animals and shells…..
Filled with the lush flora of this island you recreate some of the tropic flowers and greens.
Together with the base of cross stitch and  over-one stitches, you work many Special Stitches,all well explained by enlargeable diagrams.
Various threads, beads and crystals make this a tactile pleasure !

The mere size of the design is 357 x 357 stitches.

Kits of the materials can be purchased at ECC

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2 Replies to “OCF – ONL 127 – “The Tahiti Mandala”

  1. You have very very beautiful patterns. I have never worked this kind of project before. However, I ham an expert at cross stitching, Crewe embroidery, needlepoint and embroidery kits. I have also worked patterns on unmarked fabric. So this type of pattern is new for me, but I really want to try it.

    Do you ship to the USA? will I be paying in euros or USD? It will be a month or so before I order this pattern, the “Tahiti Mandala”, simply because I am currently working on another embroidery pattern, and if this arrives way before I finish my project, I know myself, and I will put it down to begin this project. So, no hurry with your response, and I will be back in touch soon to order this beautiful pattern. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to choose a pattern because they are all so so beautiful. Thank you, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      thank you for your nice comment. What you purchase here are digital patterns, so it is sent to your email address directly. You purchase via PayPal in Euro, but that’s not complicated since PayPal is doing the changing 🙂

      Kind regards

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