OCF – CHAT 044 – The Egypt Garden Mandala

Egypt garden
by Kate Andrijic on Stitches N Spice 32 ct hand dyed linen “Sugar Cane Crunch” color: “And so, having gotten the first one accomplished – this is the second one I tried my hand at. This one was completed in 2011, the finished piece now resides in my niece’s home – in honor of her black cat. As soon as she saw the cats in this design, she fell in love with it!”


Here you have a design which displays views of Egypt together with symbols of Pharaonic times – all in moody colors of desert and water, sunset and lush gardens.

You will not only stitch cross stitch but as well Special Stitches which are well explained in diagrams! Lots of beads, sparklies, silks and metallic braids add to the interest of this piece.


The mere design size is 308 x 308 stitches.

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6 Replies to “OCF – CHAT 044 – The Egypt Garden Mandala

  1. I have purchase a hard copy og the beautiful Egypt garden at Sewando.
    I didn’t know that I could find it in color.
    I have a problem with the fishes (fish pond). I cannot find anywhere the symbols and the corresponding threads. I know it must be written somewhere but where?

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      where did you buy it? The copies should have good quality when sold as printouts.
      We do offer the pdf-versions, but they are not included in the purchase of the physical copy. If you need further help or want to send me a scan of your copy you can get in touch via contact@chatelaine.de

      Kind regards

  2. Hello, I have the physical copy and 3 of the stitches in the fish pond section are not in the key I have; they are X, T, and combination of _\|. Please tell me what 3 colors to use for those. Thanks!

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