OCF – CHAT 053 – Le Potager du Roi – The King’s Vegetable Garden (Versailles)

OF Chat 053 Potager black

These light-colored and filigree design takes the beautiful useful and ornamental vegetable gardens of Versailles as a topic. All plants there can be harvested and filled in the King’s kitchen with fresh fruit and veggies. Salads were planted in scrolled ornamental rows and so they could have both – the useful greens and the beauty of a planned parterre garden!

This design incorporates many variegated hand-dyed silks, metallic braids, sparkles, and beads as well as Special Stitches and a small amount of over-one cross stitch.

The mere design size is 282 x 282 stitches.

Materials List: chat 053 materials

(This design was Mystery IX)

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