OCF – CHAT 022 – The Watergarden Mandala

Onl 022 - Watergarden

This design was the first Watergarden – inspired by the beautiful knotgardens and ornamental basins in some baroque parterre gardens.

You can now recreate your own, made from colorful threads, variegated silks, sparkling metallics and beautiful beads ! Special Stitches are well explained and will give dimension to the cross stitching !

The mere design size of this one is 237 x 237 stitches.

Materials List: CHAT-022-Materials-new

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6 Replies to “OCF – CHAT 022 – The Watergarden Mandala

  1. This is so beautiful. I bought this in a black and white instruction. I would like to know if I can order in color for back stitching. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Michelle, you can purchase a PDF version from my site – which comes in BW and color. You can print it out yourself in the enlargement you need for your eyes.
      A help file is stored in the FB Support group.

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