Onl 171 – Bluebell Mandala Pond Center ( was cons. prize 2013)

Onl 171 - Bluebell Pond white
Onl 171 – Bluebell Pond Center

This is the pond center which was a Raffle consolidation Prize in 2013. It is a center which can be used in place of the wording/personalization of  Online 154 – the Bluebell Lace Mandala


Onl 154 - Bluebell Lace Mandala _with_ pond center Onl 171
Onl 154 – Bluebell Lace Mandala _with_ pond center


Of course you can stitch it “alone” as well !

Please regard that this Online Design 171 contains the center only !


The size of this small jewel is 57 x 57 stitches. If you wish to stitch it alone as an ornament, you will need to add free fabric to your own requirements.

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