OCF – MIDI ONL 2 – The Rajasthan Lotus Temple

Rajasthan white Rajasthan black detail

Now – this is a piece to dream on while stitching ! In India, inmidst a lake – you find this temple from ancient times, all overgrown by lovely Lotus flowers, gently drifting on the deep blue waves…

You can recreate this splendour here now with beautiful threads and beads, interesting Special Stitches and sparkly materials to sew on !

With a size of 269 x 205 stitches for the main design, this is not too big ! Additionally you receive two smaller “frames” in which you can stitch the festive Elephant or the over-one Lotusflowers as extra, as a gift or to create a fob….


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4 Replies to “OCF – MIDI ONL 2 – The Rajasthan Lotus Temple

  1. Hi Martina,
    I purchased your pattern The Rajasthan Lotus Temple yesterday, August 19th. I tried to print out some of the pattern but so far am unable to enlarge any of it. I am concerned that I won’t be able to figure it out within the time frame or the specified 2 times of viewing the site. I have a friend who is good with computers that would be able to help me this coming Saturday, Aug. 27th. Please advise, Thanks, Anne Kastanias

    1. Hi Anne,
      I think you _saved_ the pdf file on your PC. Please read the text I send with the email/download link and the FAQ. All is described in there. You are not supposed to stitch from the website directly, but to use the file from your home pc. Join the FB Support group as there are help files for enlarging.

  2. Hi Martina,

    Thank you for responding. I think I wasn’t clear enough, as my husband said that I didn’t state that I have used up my 2 times viewing, and got caught up in telling you about the problem I had with enlarging. Sorry, I really am clueless with the computer. Can you send another link to the pattern so I can try again? My friend who is coming over this next Saturday knows quite a bit about computers and will help me download and enlarge.

    Thank you so much for your time, Anne

  3. Hi Martina,
    I just left a message on your FB page, not sure which way you prefer to be contacted. I found out from the support group that the color key/code is missing from the Rajasthan Lotus Pond pattern. I’d appreciate your help. Thanks, Anne

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