OCF – ONL 019 – CHAT 082 – The Provence Mandala

Onl 019 Provence white

A bright and sunny piece of Provence to stitch for you – the colors, motives and landscapes of this area of southern France.

Beautiful and various threads are used, braids and beads – and together with cross stitches you will work Special Stitches for added texture and dimension.

The mere design size is: 369 x 369 stitches

You can check the material list here.

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4 Replies to “OCF – ONL 019 – CHAT 082 – The Provence Mandala

      1. Thank you for the materials list. We ordered the Provence mandala yesterday.

        I have another question. Did your mother develop additional patterns for the Splendid series? I have one each of the green and the blue, and I believe she said that there were others to come. I can only hope. 🙂

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