ONL 180 – The Blue Moroccan Lace Mandala

Blue Moroccan Lace Mandala
By Tammy Verdon on My Island Home by Colour Cascade Fabrics 28ct Lugana: “I started this piece with great trepidation as I had never stitched any of the specialty stitches before. I fell so hard and fast for this piece that I did not put it down, I kept going until it was finished. I usually rotate between pieces, but not this time. It only took a few months to complete. I am so happy with it, It takes pride of place on the wall in the Living Room. I am almost ready to start the Royal Tudor Mandala!”

This color! It got me in early childhood days already- blue skies promising good and sunny weather! Many people love this color in all its shades and hues – I chose a typical dark and velvety blue here as the “idea” for this one. Ornamental embroidery, cross stitch areas interspersed with Special Stitches, added clusters of matching beads, crystals, and some metallic highlights… this one is to explore the depth and beauty of this particular color and will result in a precious and intricate ornamental embroidery.

The size will be 213 x 213 stitches.

Materials List: Onl 180 – Mat List






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11 Replies to “ONL 180 – The Blue Moroccan Lace Mandala

  1. Как звезда Вселенной манит и завораживает )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) трудно устоять перед этой красотой !!!

  2. Can the Blue Moroccan Lace be enlarged to the size of a baby blanket?
    Can I get the design printed on the blanket for cross stitch?

    1. The design is only available in the way it is. If you want to enlarge it, you will have to do this yourself
      kind regards, Martina

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