OCF – ONL 041 – Summer Knotgarden

Onl 041 Summer Knot white Onl 041 Summer Knot black

In a series of 4 seasonal Knotgardens, this one depicts the colors and feel of Summer ! Beautiful Special Stitches are added to normal cross stitching – and the use of a variation of interesting stitching materials gives pleasure and interest. You will embellish with beads and crystals so the finished piece sparkles and is dimensional to eye and touch !

The mere design size is 225 x 225 stitches


There are three more designs available in this series of seasonal Knotgardens :


Spring Knotgarden

ONL 061 black

Autumn Knotgarden

Onl 107 Hydrag Autumn
Onl 107 Hydrag Autumn

Frosty Knotgarden

OCF 035 white

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    1. Hallo Gabriele,
      alle meine “alten” Designs werden nach und nach auf dieser Website erscheinen und zu Kaufen sein – ich brauch nur mehr Zeit – sie müssen alle bearbeitet werden. Viele Grüße, Martina

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