OCF – CHAT 047 – ONL 007 – The Medieval Town Mandala

This Mandala shows the various possibilities of architecture in a fictive Medieval Town – the poorer quarters and rural buildings as well as the town and city buildings, castle-types and large portals. In the center you find a secret garden behind a gate – and you can catch a glimpse of the waterplay there. Surrounded by silken ornaments and embellished by Special Stitches, beads and crystals, you will stitch this decorative design and be entertained by different buildings as well as different materials.

The mere design size is 277 x 277 stitches


Materials List: chat 047 materials

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10 Replies to “OCF – CHAT 047 – ONL 007 – The Medieval Town Mandala

  1. I am getting ready to start The Medieval Town Mandala. Do I use Silken Pearl Vintage Brown as it is on skein. It seems heavier than the 2 strands of the other threads that are used. Thanks.

    1. Jan, please refer to the pre-instructions general hints -the use of all threads is explained there. Use it “as it is” as it works for added dimension and texture.

  2. Hi I am interested in the Medieval Town Mandala. Is this price 36 euro for a kit or is it just a pattern.
    If I just buy a pattern does it include maybe a DMC conversion.
    Your work is beautiful

  3. Hello,
    so amazing job!
    Could you tell me please the dimension? (cm or inches)
    Also, is it possible to have a look at the materials list before buying the item? there is problem with the page
    thanks a lot

    1. Hi Cindy,

      yes, the pattern comes with instructions and explanations to the special stitches. But since learning is different for everyone, I always recommend checking also maybe a YouTube tutorial for stitches, in case you’re more a visual learner. If you need a helping hand you can also visit the Châtelaine Support Group on Facebook 🙂

      Kind regards

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